We understand that for many reasons a dancer may need to withdraw from a class.  We have a 72 hour grace period after the date of registration to withdraw without penalty.  If you have held the spot in the class for longer than 72 hours, in order to withdraw we require 4 weeks notice in writing emailed to info@essenceofdance.ca  You will be charged for the time enrolled and the additional 4 weeks calculated from the date notice is given.  A dancer is welcome to continue attending the dropped class for the 4 weeks after notice is given.


If a dancer withdraws BEFORE Oct 15th 2020 the $65 costume deposit will be refunded.  If withdrawal takes place after October 15th and the recital costume has been ordered for your dancer’s measurements the deposit will not be refunded and the balance on the costume will be charged.  If the costume is ordered, once the balance has been paid it is yours to keep.